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emotions through abstract paintings


freedom of interpretation

It’s not rare that abstract paintings lack a recognizable subject. This is a concept that I love! What fascinates me, is the freedom to interpret and connect with the artwork based on your emotions, experiences, and perspectives.

– Arténte, The Secret Artist.

uncharted waters - antente, the secret artist


The Secret Artist


I am art. Exactly like you.

Per se, people put too much attention on the name, rather than the emotions of art. Thus, I choose to remain in shadows, and speak in light, through art.

My Portfolio

I draw inspiration from life. I like to challenge traditional boundaries of perspective and representation. All ideas are simple, yet experimental. How can we break the rules of the norms we’ve been raised in?

Uncharted Waters

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Freedom Up

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Eyes On Love

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Personal journeys and experiences are always welcome. 

Abstract art is a form of self-discovery, and the creation of visual representations through your emotions, inner thoughts, or memories can be quite a challenge for any artist. If you feel like it, drop me a message and let’s meet.
artente - the secret artist - abstract oil paintings for sale cyprus artente - the secret artist - abstract oil paintings for sale cyprus